The Music Jester

I love oddball approaches to music and enjoy playing with the piano. “A twinkle in the ear” is an invaluable part of my life as a musician, and along with humor, my way to prevent being labeled as an organist, choir leader, pianist, composer, whatever – nope, music jester, while a bit old fashioned, might just be a better label for the whole spectrum. 🙂

The joy of music is everything and when that shines out, you can come a long way with your ideas and events – also the atypical concerts I especially like to arrange. One such project was transforming Danish rock songs to Gregorian chants. I have also played the theme from Harry Potter on the carillon chimes, done musical children’s church services, held quitting time concerts and even late night concerts. For me it is all about challenging people to broaden their horizons, both as audience and as humans.

Write to me if you would like the music jester to brighten your life.

Or have a talk with me at (0045) 2160 6258.

POVL BALSLEV ::: TLF: 21 60 62 58